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Departmental infrastructure:

The department, in addition to offering theoretical courses in Chemistry and Environmental Science, also has experimental laboratories dedicated for Chemistry as well as Environmental Science and Engineering. These laboratories are equipped with adequate chemicals, reagents and state of the art instrumental facilities including Incubator, Centrifuge machine, Digital balance, Digital conductivity meter, Digital pH-meter, Colorimeter,  Distillation unit, Water bath, Heating mantle, Magnetic stirrer with hot plate, Hot air oven, Mechanical stirrer, Melting point apparatus and Refrigerator.

Important contacts
Dr. Pampa Pratihar
Dr. Nirmal Kumar Das
Dr. Subhra Basak Roy
Recent News & Events
Participation in the 1st National Management and Corporate Fair held at SKFGI campus

The students of 2nd year represented Department of Chemistry in 1st National Management and Corporate Fair held at SKFGI campus during February 20th and 21st, 2016. Where they performed chemistry exhibition on Amazing Fire Snake, Artificial Snow, Baking Soda & Vinegar Erupting Volcano and Flaming Flask.